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Standing alone in a desert where no other tree stands,

At night, wearing stars as leaves.


In grasslands where sparrows rest to cool their brow.

On a mountain peak, where no one speaks.


Casting long shadows with low hanging branches.

On river banks and lakes with boundless breeze.


In forests, gardens, roadsides and parks,

covered in mist, watching clouds fleet. 


Silent and stoic in hours of darkness,

turning golden with the early morning sun.


Whatever the seasons may be,

A tree is never lonely as it seems. 



Waiting at the tip of the leaf

wondering whether to fall or not

a dew drop waits—

Somedays, I looks at it with fresh eyes, celebrate.

On hurried days,
it brushes my arm as I run past. 

For a moment I feel sad.

I still run. Work calls.




An unnoticed lingering beautiful dew,

is nothing but a drop of disappointed water!

சில கடன்கள் சுமை.

சில கடன்கள் மரியாதை.

சில கடன்கள் பழக்கம்.

சில கடன்கள் மறக்க வேண்டிய மனிதர்கள்.

சில கடன்கள் திரும்பி வந்த வேண்டாத உறவுகள்.

சில கடன்கள் விதி.

சில கடன்கள் வழி.


உன் விழியும் என் விழியும் சேரும் போது

பரிமாறிக்கொள்ளும் முடிவுபெறாத காதல் பாடம்.

இதைப்போல, சில கடன்கள் மட்டும் சுகம்.

Some debts are a burden.

To some we are indebted.

Some debts are habitual.

Some debts and the debtor have to be forgotten.

Some debts are kin who comeback into our life.

Some debts are karma.

Some debts pave a path.

But some,

are unfinished lessons on love

shared by our eyes when they meet.

It is a pleasure to be in some debts.

Sometimes colors remind her of childhood conversations.

She can hear him telling her in all earnestness,

“When I grow up, I will marry the color blue,”

She hears her own childish voice replying, “I will marry tangerine,”

Today as she watched the sunset,

blue sky mingling with a tangerine horizon,

She remembers the many gone by colorful winter evenings,

young and innocent,

Filled with colors.

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