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2017: My first Cover Art was for Kat Lehmann's book, Small Stones From the River.

SSFTR Full cover - final to upload - 16J

Small Stones From The River

STH Full cover - final to upload - 16Jun

Stumbling Towards Happiness

2019: My second Cover Art was again for  Kat Lehmann's poetry book, Stumbling Towards Happiness. 


For NGO Sujaya Charitable Trust, Mysore, which works to empower women and children.

The concept behind the design speaks for itself. For a girls's brighter future, something should change and make their life better. Someone should lead the way. The pattern has to change, the patriarchal chain should be broken. The bright yellow cosmos petals signify that. It breaks the  pattern of the Dahlia flower. 

sujaya copy.png

Pratham Poshana

For NGO Pratham Poshana, Mysore, which works in villages for children's health and education. 

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