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I feel sad for Kamini leaves. I subscribe flowers from a popular florist. Every fortnight I get assorted fresh flowers delivered at my doorstep. The bunch has seasonal flowers along with regular ones, like rajanigandha and chrysathemums. It comes with fillers either like goldenrod, gypsophila or kamini leaves. Gypsophila stays fresh for a long time. Goldenrod for a week. Kamini leaves depends on when it was added to the bouquet.I say this because they start to whither in a day or two. Madhukamini or Murraya paniculata is a small shrub with shiny green leaves and small white flowers. Both leaves and flowers are fragrant. The leaves don't turn yellow even as they grow old. So, it has become quite popular in bouquets to add volume and give a fresh look. Much that love these flowers at home, I really wish that florists think about the choice of fillers.

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