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Hoya Australis

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Every spring the Hoya Australis flowers bloom and fill the garden with fragrance. This bunch called umbels has 20-30 pentagonal shaped buds.The bloomed flowers look like stars and have a colourful centre. They attract a variety of butterflies and pollinators. The petals have a waxy texture. When they wilt they close back to the same pentagonal shape and then wither.

Roots from water propagation
Hoya roots

I have two plants in the garden and one of them started wilting last rainy season. I thought the best way to save it was to trim and replant it.But then I thought why not try propagate in water! For three months I kept it in a place with low light to make sure it roots. Once the roots appeared I moved it to a place with indirect sunlight. This month, the leaves appeared. Moving it to soil is now a difficult task for it is a long drawn process. I fear if the roots have a soil shock I will kill the plant. So I plan to see how far I can grow it in indoors in water. Do you think it will flower?

The buds a day before blooming.

Here is an art that I made using the buds after they have withered. The long beans seeds form the necklace chain. You like it?

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