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Notes from Garden and Life

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I NEED A....

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I need a smart, efficient, savvy person who will make the man of the house and the family happy. Who'll pay bills, books shows, order food and groceries online, Who has the extraordinary knowledge of where socks, belt, wallet, keys, remote, and bags hide. Who will cook delicious breakfast, fancy dinners, and pack pretty lunch boxes. One who is an epitome of patience- Will wake up children without losing temper, answer all their questions, help them in crafts, and finish school homework. Who will rush to office- Nevertheless keeps the house clean of dust and cobwebs. Washes the ever filling sink, piling dirty clothes and also fold them without a boring yawn. Should worry about everyone: parent, in laws, siblings, and friends. Svelte figure, gets ready before everyone does and always smiles. Always smiles, no matter what, like a superwoman who can handle a lot. I need a wife like that for me, to take care of me.

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