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Notes from Garden and Life

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Ten Point Twitter-Gita

1. Do your duty: write your tweet. Don’t expect any retweets or favorites. 2. Do not be attached to your tweet. For attachment breeds desire, desire breeds anger, anger to delusion, delusion to deactivation. 3. Every time the timeline decays, I am reborn as an hashtag. 4. You can delete your tweet but not its screenshot. 5. A tweet cannot be cut to pieces by any weapon, burned by fire, drowned in water nor blown away by wind. 6. I am time. I have come to consume your thoughts. 7. Whatever you do, Whatever you eat, whatever you proffer and receive, whatever you perform, offer them to me, twitter. 8. As a river flows into the ocean without overflowing, so does your tweet flow into the timeline. 9. There is nothing in this word that purifies like knowledge. Those who "Quote Tweet" know that. 10. You came in with no followers. You will leave with none.

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