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Notes from Garden and Life

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The Trio

Today morning I woke up to this beautiful scene. On the Nandiyavattai plant (Crepe moon) , were these three little birds huddled together waiting for their parents to bring food for them. The parent birds have a very distinct call with their young. It is a quick soft chatter as they fly from branch to branch. One of the parent is close by while the other forages. The fledglings huddle together keeping each other warm. The parent bird keeps nudging them to move from branch to branch. At first the flights are short, four to six feet. The young ones will become agile in a week's time. Mid noon, I saw a feral cat and heard the call of a Shikra. They are predators and pick up the chatter waiting to hunt the fledglings waiting for a weak moment. There is a tall Hemilia Patens in the garden nearly fourteen feet tall. The bulbuls and other birds ( the sunbird, tailorbird, and Piranha), raised an alarm when they spotted the cat on the Hemilia tree. The cats was waiting on the tip of branches. I went and drove it away splashing some water from the first floor. The birds care for each other's back.

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